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Come springtime, before the trees in the woods leaf out, the glorious smell of garlic abounds in the wetlands and woods of southern Germany. Bärlauch is a local delicacy and used creatively in the springtime cuisine – but is practically unknown in the States.

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Times have changed. Instead of one tyrannical, power hungry king we now have a multitude of threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's time for a new declaration. This one I discovered recently on

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That’s the title artist Stefan Strumbel gave his series of ultra-modern cuckoo clocks. The Black Forest artist with roots in street art provokes viewers to rethink conventional concepts of Heimat and all its associated symbolism. But what exactly is Heimat?

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Der Schwarzwald, bekannt für seine kerzengeraden, hohen Nadelbäume, birgt auch noch ganz andere Spezies, wie diese Entdeckung auf einer Herbstwanderung zeigt.

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Ein Bein fest auf dem mitteleuropäischen Festland verwurzelt, das andere im Nordosten der USA: das ist der transatlantische Spagat, den ich seit frühester Kindheit praktiziere.

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