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Kategorien/Categories:    ›Lifestyle‹  ›EN‹   –  23.07.2010

After the rain

Giant puddles. Splashing boots. Happy faces. It’s good to see that kids are still kids.

I know a thing or two about tropical downpours, having lived in Southern Florida for a few years. Sheets of rain coming down so hard, that the world is momentarily shrouded from view, disappearing behind a veil of water. Gutters gushing and gurgling and finally overflowing, taking a shortcut straight out and down to the ground. Lawns and parking lots turning into lakes in a matter of minutes.

This awesome force of nature is completely different from the gentle drizzle I grew up with in Northern Germany, where it could rain all day and barely penetrate the first few centimeters of top soil. Lately though, perhaps thanks to the infamous phenomenon of climate change, we’ve been enjoying frequent Florida-like rain events that leave the cityscape splashed with puddles the size of small ponds. Our little village stream, usually a lazy, ankle deep trickle at this time of the year, turns into a raging, mud-colored affair, making you wonder if perhaps somewhere, up the mountains, a dam has broken apart.

While the fire brigade is busy pumping out cellars and café owners grumble about their loss of business, others seem to just make the best of it. The other day, as I rode home right after such a rainstorm, I witnessed an age old favorite pastime of kids the world over: puddle magic! It involves getting out your rubber boots and running through the biggest puddles you can find. Or better yet, do it without the boots! Or take your bike and see if you dare to ride through! Will you get stuck? You’ll never know until you try. There are no rules in this game, except for one, or two, or three: Get wet! Get muddy! And have fun! It really works; the kids’ happy faces and delighted squeals are proof enough.


Gee, maybe I should take the hint and just skip the rain gear next time I’m out there?