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Kategorien/Categories:    ›Lifestyle‹  ›Bilingual‹   –  11.02.2012

Recipe for Change

Last week, I attended a congress in Freiburg aptly titled “(How) Does Change Work?” The 2-day event was all about the art of citizen participation - in politics, economics and in society as a whole. One of the speakers, a historian, ended his talk with an inspiring recipe for change – literally.

Demonstranten bei Anti-Atom Demo

Change – An old family recipe


500g frustration
500g energy
1 large goal
2 teaspoons spontaneity
1 cup instant world change
250g social networks
1 pinch courage

Stir thoroughly.

Watch out: Don’t let it come to a boil!

Veränderung – altes Familienrezept

Man nehme:

500g Frust
500g Energie
1 große Zielvorstellung
2 Teelöffel Spontanität
1 Tasse Instant Weltverbesserung
250g Soziale Netzwerke
1 Prise Mut

Alles gut umrühren.

Achtung: nicht zu heiß kochen!

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