What others say about Dragonfly Productions:

In working with Kitty Kerner over many years, I have come to value her unerring choice of words when it comes to PR texts: she is instantly at home with each new topic, gets to the point quickly and her choice of words is right on target. In addition to her solid, journalistic style she is very dependable and enjoyable to work with.
Ursula Ellenberger, › ...e&p!


When we need translations, we need to get them done competently and fast – not an easy task with our complex information product for the ever changing real estate market. If there’s someone we can trust to do the job, it’s Dragonfly Productions. They react quickly and deliver high quality – I am continually impressed.
Susanne Larbig, › Thomas Daily


Working with Dragonfly Productions for our translation needs has convinced us. It is important for translators to get a good feel for the issue, especially with our demanding technical texts – and the team in Freiburg has repeatedly proven its expertise in this respect.
Martina Prox, › ifu Hamburg


Ecological topics are complex and technical terms sometimes unavoidable. For popular science texts you thus need precise, yet perceptive translations. That’s exactly what Dragonfly Productions delivers, making it a competent partner for me – flexible, fast und absolutely dependable.
Christian C. Schmidt, Journalist, › ccs media


Kitty Kerner is more than “just” a translator: her translations make the text sparkle, reflecting the Zeitgeist of the given language. At the same time, she never takes off her editor’s hat either – wrong facts or inconsistent language don’t have a chance with her. The result is always convincing.
Dirk Rheker, Journalist, Rheker Communications


Kitty Kerner has been writing a broad spectrum of contributions for our magazine, mostly about nature in Florida. Her articles are lively, informative and carefully researched. She really knows her stuff, as well the market, and can deliver anything from a great article idea to the right photo material and even last minute ad translation.
Jaqueline Freund, › Florida Sun Magazine