A guiding light in the maze of words and thoughts


I translate texts of all kinds, with a special focus on journal articles and scientific texts, as well as websites, ad copy, flyers and brochures. As a special bonus, for translations into English, Dragonfly Productions works with an additional native English speaker in the final editing phase.

Editing & Proofreading of German and English texts:

Years of experience as an editor for German and English language publications.
One of my specialties is the editing of academic texts written in English by non-native speakers (e.g. thesis, abstract, articles for publication in trade publications).


A dedicated freelance journalist at heart, I’m curious about the world and always ready to go. Numerous of my articles have been published in both German and English. Since 2007 I’ve also developed extensive experience in writing press releases.


The combination of writing, editing and layout in one package makes Dragonfly Productions an ideal partner for small projects such as flyers, newsletters, brochures, image postcards, etc.

Years of experience in the layout (and editing) of a regional paper in Tallahassee, FL, and as communications specialist at the Pepper Institute at Florida State University (design of all Institute publications) are at your disposal.


A passion which could easily find more space in my life...
Many of my articles have been accompanied by my own photos. In addition to delivering complete feature articles including text and photos, being able to supply my own images comes in handy with other projects as well. › see more