“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Below is a sampling of English language publications. You can find work samples published in German here: › Arbeitsproben

Flora and Fauna

  • The incredible journey of the monarch butterfly (Florida Journal) › Download
  • The Everglades: A unique and threatened ecosystem (Florida Journal) › Download


  • Freighter Travel: Travelin’ in the slow lane (Apalachee Tortoise) › Download
  • Skydiving: What are you doing this weekend? (Florida Journal) › Download


  • The Human Cost of War (Apalachee Tortoise) › Download
  • Book review: The Weathermakers (Apalachee Tortoise) › Download


  • Business profile: At peace with nature at Turkey Hill Farm (Apalachee Tortoise) › Download
  • Path to the New World: The German Emigrant Center (Family Chronicle) › Download


  • Apalachee Tortoise (independent monthly Paper from Tallahassee, FL) › Download
  • Florida’s Aging Population, 3rd edition 2007, Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy › Download
  • Poster for cohousing project in Freiburg  › Download